Readers should watch this report from CNN on the slaughter of Mommy Cheetahs and the trafficking of Baby Cheetahs into the hands of super wealthy Arabs:

Of all wild cats the Cheetahs are my personal favs.  Unfortunately they are also favorites of rich Arabians who wish to show off their new pets on social media and no doubt at their parties.

While I love cats in general, and years ago had many domestic house cats, the grace of the cheetah, their speed and the caring way their mothers nurture their cubs is so beautiful.  I love black panthers and leopards also, but the lithe cheetahs are tops.  I can see why anyone would want to have one purring and licking your face, or laying next to you while you talked to friends.  So cool, right?  NOT!

These animals like so many others in Africa will soon be gone from the wild it appears.  I pray not.  They belong in the wild, not in the back of some ass-hole’s Lamborghini, or on a leash for his wife to walk in public with a jeweled collar worth a million!!!  STOP IT!!!!!

These African cheetahs, and the mighty tuskers, and all wildlife in Africa and around the world should now be viewed by everyone as belonging to nature, not to humankind.  Species are disappearing forever, becoming extinct, at rates that abominable.  We cannot forget all God’s creatures are there to maintain a balance in Nature, the very Nature that our human specie depends upon.

PLEASE take heed and do whatever you can to change this situation in that part of the world.  Thank you.