“EOJ” ….The Last Man on Earth

As far as I know, all knowledgeable scientists agree that at some point in the future mankind will become extinct on Earth.  So someone has to be the last human on Earth, so let’s call him EOJ (which could stand for “end of job”).  Sure this person could be female, or perhaps “other” even.  Who knows?  But it doesn’t seem logical that there would not be some one person who lingers on after all others have “died off.”

Now why would I write about such a scenario?  Well, I am a futurist for one, and also a realist.  I also know that what happens far in the future is determined by what we HUE-MONS are doing right now.  So I guess I feel if more people could project far into the future, and fully grasp the end of humanity as a species on Earth, perhaps we would preserve our Mother much better and then prolong the end time.  

Of course we do not know if humans will be extinct on Earth before the end of Earth herself.  We could get hit by a monster flying object, right? There are plenty out there, zipping by all the time while we drink our beer and watch football, oblivious.  And,, thinking optimistically, we would hope that humans will be able to leave Earth in time to colonize (and fuck up) some other world, right?  I mean that’s what the Mars mission and all that is for I think.  So, we shoot off a bunch of us, or maybe frozen embryos, to some other world, and the remaining humans just stay and accept the end quietly. Ha ha.

But as fodder for thought, what if you were the last person on Earth.  Of course you likely would not know for sure if you were the last, and likely even until your last breath you would be praying for others to find you.  It would be a unique feeling, however, to be and to know you are the last one:  perhaps that fact was established before all others passed away.

So you are about to die, and what you believe as to “after death” may be complicated, for if you believe in reincarnation, you know you will not be reborn as a human on Earth for that would require a remaining male and female to beget you, but perhaps as some other form of life? Gee, not a cockroach! Depends on karma I guess.  Or perhaps you are reborn in another realm as in Buddhism there are many realms (which I believe).  Now if you do not believe in rebirth then I suppose everything will be as “normal,” heaven or hell, but then it may get complicated if you are believing that God will one day resurrect all believers from their “graves.”  Humm.  Now, if EOJ does not believe in life after death, well, all he can do is as he would anyway, kiss his ass goodbye.

Today many leading physicists generally are in agreement however that there is a universal consciousness within which we and everything we experience and perceive is apprehended.  One name for this line of thought is “Idealism.”  Quantum theory and real experiments have brought this into the mainstream.  Buddha put it another way, “All is Mind.”  So I believe we can rest assured that our consciousness, as an “energy,”  will continue after the perceived death of our corporeal being, and we will continue to exist without a body and hopefully without Ego, pleasantly content to have merged with the universal mind, call it God or whatever if you wish.  And, we may be “reborn” into other realms, even another world perhaps.  Or, maybe you get the virgins promised, I don’t know.

Of course, no one knows, but as to EOJ, I do hope he has prepared himself well, for it will be an incomprehensible feeling,  a truly unique one for sure.

Let’s do better HUE-MONS!



America The Beautiful appears to be chained to a wall in shackles, enduring a daily barrage of slow cuts inflicted by BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude…..that which occupies the Oval Office) and REPUBLICANS.  He and they relish their present role as Inquisitors and TORTURERS, pacing the cutting floor with their horrible instruments in hand, each day inventing  nuances and styles of inflicting pain on this beautiful land.

From caging children to reopening the valves of toxicity polluting our air, to cutting benefits to the poor families, to opening precious land and seas to the vile pursuit of drilling for oil and minerals, to the highest deficit in history, America is being disfigured and disemboweled.

UNLESS BMT is removed from office in 2020 there will not be an America worth living in, simple as that.

“Now is the time for all good men (women and youth) to come to the aid of their country.”

Is there a more Perfect Creature?

For many years my Dear Sister has been a conservator of one of Nature’s greatest resources, hummingbirds. (Also she is an avid supporter of bats conservation, but that story is for another day.)

So for today’s post I just want to pay homage to this marvelous work of divine “engineering.”  Below are a few links which covers the many types, their features, the habitat, and migrations.  These little birds, weighing less than a penny, with larger species weighing about a nickel, can fly up to 25 miles in a day during migration, with some migrating thousands of miles one-way yearly.

I venture to say that most people have never seen a hummingbird, especially up close.  Those who have will attest to it being only a little short of a divine experience, and come away feeling blessed to have set eyes on one or more.  Appearing in front of you to sip from nectar from a flower, they often are gone in a flash, moving at speeds impossible for the eye to follow.

Besides being one of nature’s greatest decorations, why are they important to us?  They are pollinators, and are absolutely vital to sustaining nature at large.  Much like bees.

Hummingbirds in Texas: How To Welcome Them To Your Yard





Humans, Earth’s Greatest Pest!

Taking a cue from supermarket tabloids this morning, hence the eye-catcher.  Kind of sums up most humans in my opinion:  hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil;  which has various interpretations in my mind, likely yours also.  Kind of hard to find an image of a “human pest” however, hence the stretch on linking imagery to today’s subject.

I was reading this morning an article having to do with early humans in Europe, and their possible interaction and breeding with Neanderthals.  I guess “breeding” is appropriate, and I hope PC?  Not sure what one correctly calls inter-species contact in this case.  So the article had a statement two scientists made, saying that humans were the greatest pests on Earth, since we spread so quickly and everywhere we have gone to we have rendered countless other species extinct.  As to the extinction of Neanderthals, after we Europeans (non-African:  thank goodness there still was uncontaminated humans back home!) gleaned some of their stagnant DNA (due to their interbreeding incestuously and their diminishing population leading up to the demise), we humans ate the Neanderthals out of cave and home, basically causing them to die off due to starvation.  (Humans seem to love to murder, and often eat, our closest cousins, the chimpanzee, the orangutan, the gorilla……and in spite of an awakening of consciousness decades ago, we continue to do so either directly, or by decimating their home forest and environment.)  Then we went on to do the same to numerous species roaming the Earth across Europe during those thousands of years.  Of course, climate change back then helped (what better lesson do we need as to the Climate Change we are in right now?)

So around the world this has gone on, but by in large the major strain of human culprits has been Europeans and Europeans in the New World.  Maybe it’s just in our nature, having come from cold caves and having to constantly be moving following the great beasts we slew to eat, that we just have in our nature to continue to roam and kill willy nilly?  I think so, not having any other logical reason (thanks “Occam’s razor”).  And, while doing all this moving around, we have spread a myriad of diseases, creating plagues that wiped out other beautiful groups of humans who beat the Euro’s to the bounty of this New World.  What better definition of pests does one need?

Oh, but you say we are created in the image of God?  Really?



Genocide & Rape of Our Mother Earth

At the G7 conference this week, a meeting of leaders was convened by France to discuss the fires in the Amazon.  The chair where BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude, that which occupies the Oval Office) would have parked his butt, was empty, as one could have guessed.  The US in effect abdicated its leadership in addressing the continuing genocidal fires and raping of the rain forest of the Amazon.

Of course, those who commit genocide always find a way to rationalize their crimes.  So it is with those who live there.  Here is a very good news story about feelings of many involved directly or indirectly.  Of course, the article says nothing about the First Peoples who live deep in the forest, who are risk of human genocide once again.  Neither does the article address the poor animals dying, many soon to be extinct, and flora potentially possessing the chemicals that could prevent or cure many diseases:  God’s medicine cabinet.

I do not know the solution, but no doubt it will be complex.  However, short of a multi-lateral force invading Brazil and occupying control of the forest, what could be done?  I think boycotting will just harden attitudes of all those whose livings depend on continuing to kill the forest to produce soy and cattle for export.  Brazilian Steak House?  One reason I have been a vegetarian for decades has to do with the environment:  consumption of beef especially (aside from the cruelty) has a major impact on the environment.  Cattle farts add up, ok? Not to mention all the biological and chemical waste that wash into the rivers and into our ocean (singular intended: there is only one ocean!)

The solution has to be one that find’s ways to provide new means of those dependent on these burnings to make a living.  I don’t know what that is, but I know there must be at least one if not many, and the world needs to put its collective brain power to work.  These forests belong to the world, and I will add, that the continued attitudes of all nations that their natural resources belong to only them is the huge predicate for the argument given by those committing the rain forest genocide.  BMT’s recent crimes in changing laws by edict to remove barriers to developing protected areas of the north, along with his overall emphasis on gas, oil and coal, makes the US a leader in this environmental genocide.

It is IMPERATIVE that – if you want a world for your progeny to be one  worth living in – that BMT is voted out of office in 2020, and then indebted for his numerous crimes.

A Case for Euro-American Studies in Universities

Does it not strike you, my fellow white American, that whereas there are various ethnic and gender studies programs in many universities and colleges across the US, there are really no equivalents (to my knowledge) that focuses on white people in America.

There are African-American programs, Asian programs and women’s programs – but no “white boy/girl programs.”

Does that not strike you as reeking of ignorance?  Here we are well into the 21st Century, and we white Americans think we know ALL about ourselves.  And from that perch we render judgement, demean, rob and pillage those who could be great allies within humanity.   The truth of the matter is we know very little, at least about that which should really count in our lives and relationships in a growing diverse, soon-to-be minority-majority Nation.

Sure, we know some of what was “taught” to us in school and later in college, for those who went.  Liberal college programs of course offered opportunities to study about European history and culture, and the white-washed versions of American history and government, et cetera.  But have you ever considered that you did not really learn about white America is its raw and unexpurgated nakedness?

Have you ever asked yourselves, what is white culture?  Is there one white culture in America?  Or questions like what really is the “white trash” class in America?  Or what traits and characteristics, driven by historical cultural antecedents and religious agents, has resulted in “us” being what we are today, especially with respect to living with those who are people of color?

By exploring for answers to such questions, perhaps we would find what caused and continues to cause, our hunger for controlling others, and our penchant for greed, violence and war.

Moreover, I think that within such studies, we should seek answers as to why so many white people are racially prejudiced, and of course, why so many are outright racists.  This topic begs critical analysis, for two reasons.

Presently those of us who are prejudiced and racist are creating a tension that may break the very core fibers of what America can be at sometime in the future:  a place of peace, of prosperity and acceptance for all interests and expressions of life.

Secondly, we white people really owe it to ourselves to shed the hard cocoon of enmity toward those who do not look like us (keep in mind we are mutants).  James Baldwin said once that (white) people’s history is impaled like a butterfly on a pin, which is even a better trope to make my point:  we white people will never realize our God-given potential as human beings while we continue to flutter, caught in the trap of our own hate.

So, this is the case I make for “white studies,” that we can begin to understand who we really are, and accept our place in a world of all colors and beliefs.

Also, I don’t know how much “room” there is left on Mt. Rushmore, but I do hope one day we will see a president of color, and of course, a female president there.

What could possibly go wrong in 2020?

I have always loved getting those little stickers as I leave the voting stations, the “I Voted” ones, you know.  My chest even sticks out a little more, at least in my mind.  This is a feeling that we all can partake of in this country, and at least in some other nations that right of voting is also enjoyed, although often surrounded by controversy.

I have no doubt that the election in 2020 will be surrounded by just that.  I have no doubt that BMT (aka…..crazy hair guy in the Oval Office, better known on my blog as Bottomless Moral Turpitude) will lose the popular vote by a wide margin, regardless of who the Dems put up to run.  However, as in 2016 the electoral college voting may very well  be that breathes new life into he who sucks life out of America.

The Republicans, aka Citizens Council, have totally stalled Congress from providing the level of funding to states needed to replace their voting machines and provide for backup paper ballots.  So, that is one problem.

Then there is the matter of alien forces diligently working to throw the swing states and the electoral college in their favor.  Russia obviously will want him re-elected, because many of the oligarchs stand to come out better in the long run with him remaining in office.  China and Iran likely will endeavor to push the vote toward the Dems.  So will the net result be a zero sum?  No one knows of course, but given the coziness of BMT with Vlad, and with BMT on record saying he would take information and assistance from Russia (again), the odds would tend to favor him.

I have no doubt at all that If BMT does not get the win, he and the Citizens Council will file many, many lawsuits to confuse the entire election decision, very likely the matter winding up at SCOTUS.  Well, we know how that will go.

So with all the excitement presently as to who will win the Dem nomination, ultimately it may not matter.  However, if the election seems to be going in BMT’s favor, I am equally fearful that Dems will pour into the streets in protests across the country, and do everything possible to block his “coronation.”  This could get very ugly, very fast.

I am always an advocate for having a Plan B.  I highly advise Americans who long for a new president, to have a Plan B, and be ready to put it into effect immediately at that time.