Dear readers, starting my morning, coffee level down to one-half, and not sure where this post will lead really.  I am just sort of dreaming it up as I “type.”  I often get spontaneous thoughts, spurts of inquisitiveness, and on rare occasions, creativeness, and the notion of dreaming popped into my mind a few days ago.

Lest you immediately think I am about to write about the dream states we experience during sleep, I am not.  I ask you to consider the term “dreaming” as having to do with living our lives having “goals” that we may adjust over time – or not – depending on our personalities, versus living your life as a dream.  I know, I need to be more clear with this notion.  Life coaches will inform us that we should have goals that we work or strive for, right?  We have heard often the phrase, “dream big,” or some permutation of that idea.  What brought this to my mind actually was when I was out for my morning walk, my path taking me along a busy boulevard with heavy rush hour traffic, I suddenly felt great empathy for all those passing me, all “going somewhere,” most in a rush.  As I am retired, I do not rush anywhere anymore, and now have the luxury of doing what I want (within my tiny budget) using my time as I feel at any moment.  Sounds great I know, and it is.  I feel very blessed, and do not take it for granted, as it is only my great health that provides this comfortable lifestyle.

But all these people rushing along in the morning, and then going the opposite way at the end of the day, I ask, are they chasing their dreams for something better? Have they a vision of what they are actually doing all this rushing for?  What are they dreaming about as they drive along?

I also hope that some or many of those folks of all ages, have not dreams of the future, but are living their lives as if within a dream.  By that I mean not focusing on the future, not even focusing really on tomorrow or the next few hours, but merely relaxing and “being” in the moment they are in right at each moment.  We are so challenged, particularly in this country – USA – with temporal sensitivity:  do I have time for this or that? What time is it?  Johnny has to be at soccer (football) practice by 6, oh my, how can I make it there on time?

There is another state we can be in, and often all of the concerns we have like getting to the soccer pitch on time will just vanish if we shift into our own “dream time.”  If we just attune to being present in what we are doing, being “mindful,” using a Buddhist term, so many things just fall into place.  Important things get worked out with least effort, and small things just fall off the table, and they never should have been placed on the table.

So I ask you, are you living/dreaming within the moment right now, or rushing to achieve some thing, some place, where if you live long enough you can spend your days “dreaming” in a fantasy which you may find not at all satisfying?

Sweet dreams may you catch each dawn.  Peace.