Humans, Earth’s Greatest Pest!

Taking a cue from supermarket tabloids this morning, hence the eye-catcher.  Kind of sums up most humans in my opinion:  hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil;  which has various interpretations in my mind, likely yours also.  Kind of hard to find an image of a “human pest” however, hence the stretch on linking imagery to today’s subject.

I was reading this morning an article having to do with early humans in Europe, and their possible interaction and breeding with Neanderthals.  I guess “breeding” is appropriate, and I hope PC?  Not sure what one correctly calls inter-species contact in this case.  So the article had a statement two scientists made, saying that humans were the greatest pests on Earth, since we spread so quickly and everywhere we have gone to we have rendered countless other species extinct.  As to the extinction of Neanderthals, after we Europeans (non-African:  thank goodness there still was uncontaminated humans back home!) gleaned some of their stagnant DNA (due to their interbreeding incestuously and their diminishing population leading up to the demise), we humans ate the Neanderthals out of cave and home, basically causing them to die off due to starvation.  (Humans seem to love to murder, and often eat, our closest cousins, the chimpanzee, the orangutan, the gorilla……and in spite of an awakening of consciousness decades ago, we continue to do so either directly, or by decimating their home forest and environment.)  Then we went on to do the same to numerous species roaming the Earth across Europe during those thousands of years.  Of course, climate change back then helped (what better lesson do we need as to the Climate Change we are in right now?)

So around the world this has gone on, but by in large the major strain of human culprits has been Europeans and Europeans in the New World.  Maybe it’s just in our nature, having come from cold caves and having to constantly be moving following the great beasts we slew to eat, that we just have in our nature to continue to roam and kill willy nilly?  I think so, not having any other logical reason (thanks “Occam’s razor”).  And, while doing all this moving around, we have spread a myriad of diseases, creating plagues that wiped out other beautiful groups of humans who beat the Euro’s to the bounty of this New World.  What better definition of pests does one need?

Oh, but you say we are created in the image of God?  Really?



Genocide & Rape of Our Mother Earth

At the G7 conference this week, a meeting of leaders was convened by France to discuss the fires in the Amazon.  The chair where BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude, that which occupies the Oval Office) would have parked his butt, was empty, as one could have guessed.  The US in effect abdicated its leadership in addressing the continuing genocidal fires and raping of the rain forest of the Amazon.

Of course, those who commit genocide always find a way to rationalize their crimes.  So it is with those who live there.  Here is a very good news story about feelings of many involved directly or indirectly.  Of course, the article says nothing about the First Peoples who live deep in the forest, who are risk of human genocide once again.  Neither does the article address the poor animals dying, many soon to be extinct, and flora potentially possessing the chemicals that could prevent or cure many diseases:  God’s medicine cabinet.

I do not know the solution, but no doubt it will be complex.  However, short of a multi-lateral force invading Brazil and occupying control of the forest, what could be done?  I think boycotting will just harden attitudes of all those whose livings depend on continuing to kill the forest to produce soy and cattle for export.  Brazilian Steak House?  One reason I have been a vegetarian for decades has to do with the environment:  consumption of beef especially (aside from the cruelty) has a major impact on the environment.  Cattle farts add up, ok? Not to mention all the biological and chemical waste that wash into the rivers and into our ocean (singular intended: there is only one ocean!)

The solution has to be one that find’s ways to provide new means of those dependent on these burnings to make a living.  I don’t know what that is, but I know there must be at least one if not many, and the world needs to put its collective brain power to work.  These forests belong to the world, and I will add, that the continued attitudes of all nations that their natural resources belong to only them is the huge predicate for the argument given by those committing the rain forest genocide.  BMT’s recent crimes in changing laws by edict to remove barriers to developing protected areas of the north, along with his overall emphasis on gas, oil and coal, makes the US a leader in this environmental genocide.

It is IMPERATIVE that – if you want a world for your progeny to be one  worth living in – that BMT is voted out of office in 2020, and then indebted for his numerous crimes.