A Most Wonderful “Thing”: IMPERMANENCE

As a child of the country, I had the opportunity to roam, explore and interact with nature.  One favorite, yet fleeting, past time was finding dandelion blooms, open and ready for the next breeze.  To pluck a stem and then gently blow on the bloom and see the seeds carry away in the breeze so carefree was perfectly synchronous with my feeling at that time, as a boy…..carefree and changing daily, letting my next idea move me to the next idea and activity, my mind open and being filled with learning.  I only lived in the moment, this moment, and the last and the next were just flickers of the film of my living.

Fortunately dandelions grow just about every where, rural and urban, but I wonder how many children today experience that almost mystical moment of blowing on such ethereal blooms to become one with nature and observe this signal of impermanence? Seeds to be carried by the breeze, perhaps close, perhaps very far, finding a tiny place on the Earth to await just the right amount of rain and sun to sprout to begin the cycle once again.   The cycle of life, the cycle that permeates every bit of space within our bodies, within our consciousness, in every organism and throughout the entire physical universe.

All things change.  This is one of the core axioms of all Eastern spirituality, a point totally missed (sadyly) by Western religions (at least as practiced today).

If we just pause a bit, and consider, the relationships we have with Everyone and Everything at this moment is not what it was yesterday, and really even a moment ago.  It is easier for us to perceive over time, facilitated as memory – that construct that our brain facilitates with its divine algorithms – and we see changes in how we interact with our children, with our lovers, with everyone we know, and then meeting knew people, even our spectrum of relationships itself changes.  To be opposed to such social change is to stagnate and begin to die within…..but count on impermanence to move even the worst person to another “place.”  Nothing can defy impermanence.  To live and move through this life we must embrace impermanence.

While impermanence is the nature of the universe itself, and is the only constant in the universe, we have within the ability to nurture and create an attitude of LOVE that also can be a “constant.”  Learning to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY penetrates all states of compounded change in our relationships.  It is not an easy thing to do at times, but if cultivated, increases the light on our own paths, and will brighten the light of those we love and illuminate our worlds.

Buddha’s last words –  more or less (there are various translations and interpretations of those last words, of course) –  were:  everything changes; and strive to free yourselves.

So he was just reminding his monks of the impermanence of all, and that they needed each to free themselves from the cycle of existence (in accordance with Buddhist view).

While I as a Buddhist continue to explore the teachings,  the simplest thing to accept is the fact of impermanence.  I have found in my life that to be open to impermanence, to welcome and embrace it is to become one with Living.

What I have found in doing so is…. less suffering, greater vitality in relationships, dampening of ego, a knowing that I can create my world and change things for the better, all by realizing there is this wonderful aspect “thing” of impermanence that creates the space to make things better in the next moment.

So have an increasingly wonderful impermanent day!





Damn it’s special to have a generation name that actually is a word!  Word UP!

I am a Boomer, or if you want to be technical, “Baby Boomer,” as in my parents generation, The Greatest, getting it on after WW2 and going for the American Dream, or so they imagined.  Boomer, now that’s a word!   And being born in ’46 makes me on the leading edge of this wonderful generation.  Man, we have seen a lot, a lot of changes that is.

Then time went by, and we humans like all of nature, just kept on pumping out offspring.  Sociologists, politicians….well, just about every facet of society has a need, usually based in reasons of $$$, to classify, assign attributes and track the habits of each generation.  So over time “someone” (I have no idea whose job it is to assign names to each generation….wow!) stamps “us” with a generational name.  After Boomers came Gen X, then “Xennials” (I never even knew of these guys), Millennials Gen Y, next came Gen Z, and then BAM, we are into “children of the millennial” Gen ALPHA! These little guys are like the anchor leg in a relay, carrying the baton into the 22nd Century!  What a burden we have placed on them!

These children will be amazing, as will be their children (and I expect most will delay child bearing even longer than Z is), and their grandchildren.  With science moving so fast into the unknown, these people may not have children until well into their 50-60’s!  The person who assigns names to gens will be glad of that!

Alpha’s will grow up with technology that will stretch human communication and knowledge well beyond what we believe is the bleeding edge right now.  What I predict also is that around the world, Gen Alphas will become at last a one world generation, connected in every capacity, and that in itself may bring about a more peaceful and cooperative world order as people collectively fight climate change and hunger.  I pray.

I have two God-granddaughters right now who are Alphas.  My one toddler already is showing me where that generation is headed, fully at one with smart technology, AI and things that multiply human capability.  We will need such an endowed generation to carry humankind through this century successfully.  I have faith they will do so.

Change Gonna Come!

As we look toward the coming week, the soul sustenance all good folks need is to have faith in the timelessly proven adage, “a change is going to come.”  Nothing in this universe, no phenomenon, even what so many call God, is inherently unchanging.

Our mission this week, as the last and all those ahead, is to put our prayers and shoulders into adding to the slow momentum that carries morality arching toward the positive.  If all good people push at the same time, it does make a difference!

So today let us gather our wisdom, organize our spiritual energy, and recommit to affecting positive change ahead.

All that is happening as a result of those who are ignorant, those who hate, and those who are confused, will move on down the river, albeit slowly, and will be dissolved in the mighty sea.  There is only one ocean, and there is only one humanity.

Best we all began to learn that.

I leave you with Sam Cooke’s immortal song,

“We The People”: have F_#*’d Ourselves!

Due to America’s abominable education system which has churned out generations of citizens unable to critically analyze information, and discern facts from “alternative facts,” layered in a huge cow paddy mixed with racism, whiteness, greed and political corruption of the highest sort, We elected BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka that which occupies the Oval Office).

We brought this reign of craziness (i.e., shit storm) upon ourselves, and it is very difficult to see any way out short of divine intervention or an Act of God.

We see BMT today standing on the White House lawn telling multiple countries that they should investigate Joe Biden (the leading Dem candidate), and declaring he has ultimate power to do as he wishes and to barter with these countries for any such derogatory information.  Openly violating the law, and then daring the Dems to impeach him.  Of course, we know there is no such information, it is all part of BMT’s shit storm to confuse those Americans who would do anything themselves to see the GOP win.  GOP:  Gobsmacking Obfuscation Party, the ignorant, dumb, greedy and racist party.

BMT’s game is to create doubts even among Dems about ol’ Joe.  Joe is not my personal favorite, but he may be our best hope.  So if Joe is not the Dem nominee, then perhaps the successful candidate will be too far to the left, giving some swing votes to BMT, and he wins.

If the Dem House impeaches him, then it will fail in the Senate. Any expectations otherwise I believe are pipe dreams.  And, if he is put out of office by the Senate, by some sudden epiphany in the Republicans, it is not clear that he could not run for office in 2020 anyway:  no doubt he would try, and no doubt file a law suit if blocked, which delays the election and given his stacking of SCOTUS, he has a hand on the scale there.

All in all, if BMT wins a second term, We The People and America The Beautiful are truly

F_**’d !

This is a lunatic who will DO ANYTHING to remain in office, and I will not be surprised to see him try to get the law changed to run for a third term.  We cannot even use the 25th Amendment, given bobble head Pence as VEEP.  So folks, we have a lunatic in charge of our nuclear weapons.  Think about it.



TRUMP (oops, BMT) is Half-a-Loaf (actually, half a pyramid)

My graduate degree concentrated on organizational psychology, and one “thing” of few that stuck with me all these decades since, is Maslow’s theory of motivation model.  BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude, aka that which occupies the Oval Office) is clearly unable to break out of the bottom half of the model.  He is and always will be trapped in an infantile state, sad to say, and to me that was pretty obvious during the 2016 campaign.

If you can’t make out the smaller image above, here is another larger one:


BMT’s entire life and now his political existence can be explained very simply with the model as a framework:

  • Green:  He is all about comforts, easy living, stuffing his face with burgers, and of course groping women’s privates.
  • Safety:  OMG the caravans are coming!
  • Belonging and Love:  his close family, inner circle and having eye candy hanging onto his hand (and she with that blank look of “is it over with yet?”).
  • Esteem:  Article 2 gives me supreme power, and you better love me and not ever let me see you laughing behind my back.

Beyond this, he is a shell of a human being.

Sadly, his type can only attract persons who also are trapped in the bottom half, easily explaining people like Pence, Pompeo, Barr and the obsequious minions of the GOP.

But sadly, given his appeal to a large sector of America, it is evident that our very Nation is trapped in a mass psychosis of underdevelopment.

Ok, I feel better now.

“EOJ” ….The Last Man on Earth

As far as I know, all knowledgeable scientists agree that at some point in the future mankind will become extinct on Earth.  So someone has to be the last human on Earth, so let’s call him EOJ (which could stand for “end of job”).  Sure this person could be female, or perhaps “other” even.  Who knows?  But it doesn’t seem logical that there would not be some one person who lingers on after all others have “died off.”

Now why would I write about such a scenario?  Well, I am a futurist for one, and also a realist.  I also know that what happens far in the future is determined by what we HUE-MONS are doing right now.  So I guess I feel if more people could project far into the future, and fully grasp the end of humanity as a species on Earth, perhaps we would preserve our Mother much better and then prolong the end time.  

Of course we do not know if humans will be extinct on Earth before the end of Earth herself.  We could get hit by a monster flying object, right? There are plenty out there, zipping by all the time while we drink our beer and watch football, oblivious.  And,, thinking optimistically, we would hope that humans will be able to leave Earth in time to colonize (and fuck up) some other world, right?  I mean that’s what the Mars mission and all that is for I think.  So, we shoot off a bunch of us, or maybe frozen embryos, to some other world, and the remaining humans just stay and accept the end quietly. Ha ha.

But as fodder for thought, what if you were the last person on Earth.  Of course you likely would not know for sure if you were the last, and likely even until your last breath you would be praying for others to find you.  It would be a unique feeling, however, to be and to know you are the last one:  perhaps that fact was established before all others passed away.

So you are about to die, and what you believe as to “after death” may be complicated, for if you believe in reincarnation, you know you will not be reborn as a human on Earth for that would require a remaining male and female to beget you, but perhaps as some other form of life? Gee, not a cockroach! Depends on karma I guess.  Or perhaps you are reborn in another realm as in Buddhism there are many realms (which I believe).  Now if you do not believe in rebirth then I suppose everything will be as “normal,” heaven or hell, but then it may get complicated if you are believing that God will one day resurrect all believers from their “graves.”  Humm.  Now, if EOJ does not believe in life after death, well, all he can do is as he would anyway, kiss his ass goodbye.

Today many leading physicists generally are in agreement however that there is a universal consciousness within which we and everything we experience and perceive is apprehended.  One name for this line of thought is “Idealism.”  Quantum theory and real experiments have brought this into the mainstream.  Buddha put it another way, “All is Mind.”  So I believe we can rest assured that our consciousness, as an “energy,”  will continue after the perceived death of our corporeal being, and we will continue to exist without a body and hopefully without Ego, pleasantly content to have merged with the universal mind, call it God or whatever if you wish.  And, we may be “reborn” into other realms, even another world perhaps.  Or, maybe you get the virgins promised, I don’t know.

Of course, no one knows, but as to EOJ, I do hope he has prepared himself well, for it will be an incomprehensible feeling,  a truly unique one for sure.

Let’s do better HUE-MONS!


Why Can’t People Just Be Animals – Like We Used to Be?

We all began as animals.  Fact, not fake news.

Now we humans think we are somehow above the “animal kingdom.”  Why, I really do not understand.

Animals are capable, in their own ways, of intelligently exhibiting all the wonderful qualities we claim to possess, but without the cruelty, craziness, selfishness and hate that largely characterizes human population.  Sure, animals can be “cruel” – nature has cruelty built-in, but it only comes out as a means of survival – not for “fun.”

Animals do not know “racism.”  Just like human children do not until they are programmed by adults and society.  The brown gibbon in the photo does not see the other black gibbon as any but another gibbon.  Color blind.

Animals see we humans through their own eyes, and we populate their environment…..we can be their pets, or be their prey in some areas, for after all we were animals and their food supply eons ago in Africa.  But they did not kill us just for sport.

Here is a wonderful documentary about a gibbon in India, I hope you will take the time to watch, as it shows just how they relate to us – to bad we can’t relate this way to fellow humans:



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