T_TS……………Trump Toxicity Syndrome

VIRGINIA GONE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL >>>Trumpturd waltzed into Kentucky this week for a rally, and in one day his polling dropped 5 points, and the governors race is now up in the air!  KEEP IT UP TRUMPTURD!!!

It is clear now that at last the stench of BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude) has seeped through all parts of his hair and little hands, and even his sorry supporters are now feeling sorry they bet on his ass!

Trump will be impeached.  We do not know, but I think the Senate will remove him, unless they want to be forced out and return to finding legal work back home in Texas and other red states.

However, as I have said before, Trump will not leave the White House easily.  He will sue, he will even handcuff himself to the desk that the Kennedy kids played under to avoid being indicted and sent to prison with those he already sold out.

I pray to live to see him led out of the White House by US Marshals.

If You Want to Know What “Whiteness” Really Is – Check out First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas

If the reader doesn’t already know what “whiteness” is,  I will trust your curiosity will motivate you to do some research on the web.  I am not referring to the “how white a white bed sheet is,” if you need a clue.

If there is a bastion of whiteness in America today, one such would be white evangelical churches, and FBC of Dallas ranks at the top:   a current pastor who fully supports Trump, and a prior pastor who for some 50 years railed against integration.  Therefore, I will extend the rubric of whiteness to just plain ol’ racism in this case.

One of the mega churches in Dallas, one that Billy Graham had his membership in although he didn’t live in Texas, this church was founded in the mid-1800’s, and its members no doubt represented the mainstream and City leaders through the last 150 years.  And, let’s keep in mind Dallas had the largest KKK membership in the Nation during the 1920’s, routinely beating, and lynching Blacks.  What a history to be proud of.

Is it a mystery that Blacks who have attended and joined such white evangelical churches have left them in droves in recent times, given these churches NEVER condemn any atrocity or policy that is inflicted on African Americans and people of color…. for instance, police murdering black and brown men and women seemingly at will and almost never being indicted?  One black woman’s story I read, said Whites in her big white church didn’t even know the name Travon Martin, while she herself was losing sleep about the boy’s murder; however, I conjecture these same people knew the name Colin Kaepernick!

If there ever was a more non-Christian group of people on Earth than white evangelicals, I would not even want to know who really.  Like I said recently in a post, I believe in multiverses, and the consciousness of these people are definitely not in my universe.

99% of evangelicals polled say they support Trump, even now, with all the EVIL he continues to sew throughout the world.  How can that be?  Has to be another universe.

News FLASH! “2020 Election Prediction”

The readers may feel I am going way out on a limb, but here is the scoop:

It makes perfect sense to me that the election will pit Elizabeth Warren against Mitt Romney!

We just saw rich Mitt step out front and center to roundly condemn Trump on his sellout of the Kurdish people.  Rick Perry just cut and ran away from his Secretary of Energy post, too.  So on the GOP side it will be those two and maybe one other vying for the next term.  And, it is increasingly clear, at least to me, that Warren will win the Dem nomination:  Biden has too much baggage, little support from younger voters, and is totally out of touch with issues that are very important to younger Black voters.  Other than Warren, the other candidates do not have attributes that add up to being able to take the nomination.  Warren would be our first female president, and I believe without being sexist, that counts for a lot.

Warren has plans, and has for years shown her tenacity and ferociousness in taking on Big Money.  While she needs to figure out how she pays for everything she is putting forth, I am sure she can build that case, juxtaposed with the GOP robber barons and rich man subsidies.

Personally I like all of our Dem candidates, and could see any of them taking high level posts later in a new Admin.  But I believe more and more Warren has the real key to victory.  I will vote for who ever is nominated, unlike my sitting out the 2016 when Dem’s rigged it for HRC.

Now, about BMT….Bottomless Moral Turpitude, aka that which occupies the Oval Office…..I predict he will be impeached and tried and convicted.  It will be the stupidest thing Mitch McConnell ever did to try and block the trial given the preponderance of solid evidence.  Mitch is dumb, but not just stupid as a stump!

So, my prediction again is …….

“Corporations are people”…..Mitt

“Big corporations have money and power to make sure every rule breaks their way; people have voices and votes to push back.”…..Elizabeth


No, Donald….It’s YOUR World That’s Upside Down!

Fortunately GRAVITY only works in the real world, not your invented world Donald (aka….BMT…Bottomless Moral Turpitude).  So all the truth will just fall out of your bizarre phantasmagoria universe, where absolutely NOTHING is as your fast mouth and little, fast hands attempt to convince your ignorant base it is.

Every day we gleefully witness your invented reality crumbling around you.

We all do need to pray, however, that it crumbles before you can further destroy OUR world!



It Had to Happen: Trump Now a War Criminal as Bush 43rd

We let GW off the hook, although many around the world have not.  War crimes, rendetion of prisoners to torture camps, invading and destroying a country without just cause.  Now cometh BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude….aka that which occupies the Oval Office).  He just could not be outdone by any former president.

Abandoning our Kurdish allies to Turks and their “out sourced” murderers.

The World sees.  The World will remember.


The Phantasmagoria of GOP Bullshit

If you could integrate the special effects we see in films depicting what it’s “like” to go through a worm hole in space, with the dancing crystals of an old school kaleidoscope, the total visuals would not even come close to BMT’s hourly stream of bullshit. (BMT…..Bottomless Moral Turpitude, aka that which occupies the Oval Office).  He and his minions have the bullshit down to a truly unique, sparking, effervescent art form, rivaling any of Michaelangelo’s works.  No doubt one day BMT will figure out a way to monetize this as a new revenue stream, bottle it in fake gold vases with his logo on the side, packaged and left bedside at all his hotels.

All we can pray for is that Nancy’s “bull shit busters” are more effective than Ghosts Busters!

Sadly, while I attempt to inject a bit of levity into this stinky smorgasborg he lays out with his Tweets and proclamations, 100’s of times a day, all this manure is contributing to greenhouse gassing that may kill us all if we don’t corral him soon.