1619- 2019 400 Years and Counting

Angela was her name, an African woman, who might very well have been of royalty back in her home region, we don’t know.  Regardless, we can assume rightly that she lived in a well-ordered society, one full of the sounds of life, of domestic animals, of toddlers and small children playing around villages, while older girls worked with their mothers, contributing and learning the skills from a timeless past, such as pounding yam and braiding and adorning their hair.  Older boys were learning the skills of manhood, including hunting, wrestling,  and becoming warriors.  Angela’s people were colorful, were light on their feet, and the sounds of drumming and the sounds of dancing often filled the air.  When anyone of Angela’s people fell ill, there were potions and wetted plants placed topically, and the incantations of the priest to relieve the pain and illness, often as effectively as any Western treatment today.  The priest was also readily available, for the price of a chicken or yams, to perform a divination reading for those with a question about their lives (which was at least as effective as any psychologist or spiritual advisor today).  Life was good for Angela.

We will never know how she came to be ripped from the Motherland, how she survived the Passage, how she was treated by the pirate sailors who took her and others, and in 1619 sold her and some 20-30 other Africans to European American planters in Jamestown, Virginia.  We do know that Angela and the hundreds of thousands of other African peoples brought to this land and placed in involuntary servitude and treated worse than any animal for hundreds of years, retained the strength and vibrancy of their ancestry, and without their magic –  America would have been, period.

The history of early Jamestown is readily available on the web, but in the last few days the New York Times has published what will become a publishing legacy to be read by generations to come.  Here is the link:


Just double click the above image, and just fyi you will have to at least enter your email and go through a few commercial “ads” to get to the article, but it is well worth it.  There are multiple essays, each quite lengthy, so be prepared to spend some time – quality time.

It should be apparent to anyone who is not themselves still shackled with the collar of racism, slaves to their emotional, primeval ignorance, that any claims of America being now in a post-racial society since President Obama was elected, are patently false.  Today we see the greatest rise of racism since the lynching days of Jim Crow.  America, the very foundation of this great experiment in humanity is now at risk.  Wake up!


Visions of the Next Presidential Library

Welcome to you all, and I do hope the ferry ride to this wonderful island was pleasant!  No doubt Juan and his boys greeted you warmly.  By the way if you wish to donate to our fundraiser to buy them Green cards we would most appreciate that! My name is Dasha, and I will be your docent for your tour of the newly opened Presidential Library.  I am glad each of you are sporting your MAGA caps:  we truly support Making American Girls Association!

First just to get you better oriented, as you may know this island was left to the President in the Last Will & Testament of his dear friend of many years.  To protect the donor’s privacy, we simply will refer to him as J.E.  As you came up the dock you could not miss the beautiful statue greeting you, yes a true Miss Titanic replica.  The live model for the artist was one of the President’s favorite contestants.  He loved them on the young side as you know, so she is quite lovely isn’t she?!

So if you all will follow me, we will commence the tour.

Here we are in the grand lobby, and the first thing your eyes are taking in is the 1/2 scale model of the President’s favorite golden escalator.  Wait, is that the President and the First Lady I see coming down?  This dynamic couple have been fully replicated as fully-articulating robots, created by none other than that famous studio!  So life-like, aren’t they?  Even the President’s hair is amazing!  Now he’s about to utter those memorable words that resonated with so many of you wonderful White people:  “The United States is becoming a dumping ground for the world.”

Also here in this great lobby are replicas of the President’s very own seven Black supporters, extending their welcome.  Like his, their names will live on forever in this exhibit.

Now, to explain the arrangement of the Library, there are 6 wings, each divided into 6 other display rooms, and each of those rooms having 6 focus exhibits.  Just remember 6-6-6 if that helps.

I won’t try to describe each of those, but I will be happy to answer any questions along the way.  Please try to hold down the chatter, and the giggles, as we do seek to maintain some semblance of a library fit for a President.

The six major wings cover these topics:  there is the No Obstruction, No Collusion wing; the Korean dough boy wing; the Big Red Star wing; the shit-holes wing; and, lastly the very personal wing of the President showing his stuff.

I will just mention a couple of highlights you likely will enjoy, as you take in the life of your favorite Swamp Drainer.  First in the personal wing, I would like to draw your attention to the array of the President’s techniques in grabbing girl’s so they can’t help but submit to his wonderful charm.  What his little hand can do is just amazing, right!  I did enjoy helping him perfect a few of those moves myself!

Also in his personal wing you will find exhibits of some of his favorite books.  Oh, sorry, I mean book.  You have to realize he didn’t need to read, as he pretty much knew everything already…..born knowing.  But you will see a Bible, and if you look real hard, you may see a book, well worn, written by a famous mid-20th century German.

There is also a great display of him on the phone at Mar Lago, talking about USA top secret information as he dines with China’s premier.  Notice how the Chinese leader hangs on every word, totally in awe of our President.

And best of all is the exhibit of The Wall, with the crying mother on one side and the baby’s lifeless body hung up in barbed wire on the other side of the wall.  So poignant, and that’s what He liked, for he knew this would stop the dumping!  I bet you all were big fans of that policy too, right?! Let’s clap!

Giving The Wall a run for the money, though, is my next best favorite, the Muslim terrorists wall.  Rather realistic isn’t it.  You may recognize a certain foursome.  Oh, those misguided Squad gals!  Some supporters wanted us to also include an exhibit on White Supremacists, but to our knowledge such persons do not exist…….it is all fake news, right?!

The best display, at least in my mind, is the one of our President standing triumphantly next to Vlad – my past leader, until I chain migrated to join our President and First Lady.  How dashing the President looks, and I do love those golden knee pads he is sporting for the world to see!  I sort of dig Vlad’s Cheshire grin too, wink wink!

So, before I turn you loose for the self-guided part of the tour, I suggest you save the best for last, which is a full-scale holographic display of the President from his last office in lower Manhattan.  As you see, his likeness is grinning and giving us a big thumbs up through the bars.  I love the President, always so positive!

Enjoy your tour, and don’t forget to pickup a few brochures on the President’s family’s future developments in Russia.  It’s a wonderful country, and some of you might want to consider it for retirement!  All of his family moved there you know!  We just hope he lives long enough to join them, but as they say in our great country, “the jury is still out.”


Horned Toads of My Youth

I spent the best years of my boyhood living on a ranch in the Texas hill country.  Those not from Texas and most who even live in Texas have never seen all the diverse areas of the Great State, and the hill country is one of those.  At one time wild and populated with game of all sorts, it was a heaven for certain First Peoples.  Rivers and streams abounded with fish even up to my boyhood days; deer and turkey hunting still remain a major “industry.”

As a boy growing up on 640 acres of woods and hills and gullies, and a major river running 100 yards from our house, I too was in heaven.  I got to know all the “bugs”…..huge red ant mounds, red wasps that taught me not to mess with them, huge dark red millipedes and the ones I really hated to be close….huge centipedes; spiders of all sorts, grasshoppers as big as tiny helicopters it seemed; and, lizards of all varieties.  I used to love to chase lizards with my little mongrel dog Amigo.  He loved the “sport” and though he never caught one, he loved the chase.  We ran a huge tree lizard up the side of an oak tree once and I jumped and grabbed it and got bitten for my effort.  Yes those big boys can bite.

But my favorite was the Texas horned toad, a most wonderful and mysterious creature that looks like it once probably was five feet tall “back in the day,” moving quietly between T-Rex’s feet.  These little guys were a star attraction for me.  While I caused the early demise of many green lizards, the horned toad was special.  A boy wanted to catch and keep it to look at.  I usually just caught and held them and studies their “weirdness” and I suppose they studied mine.

Today they are a vanishing specie, and that is sad.  So, just thought I would share this with you.



A Bit of Self-aggrandizing this Morning.

Dear Readers, please indulge me today as I wax in some self-promotion.  You know me as a blogger, but likely many do not know I also am a published author.

Are you an engineer? Or perhaps a jazz fan? Maybe like biographies and memoirs? How about biographies of military heroes?  I have published in all those niches.

You may find my books on Amazon.com, and it’s easy just search for “Joe McFatter” in books.

I have enjoyed writing all my life, beginning with required essays in high school (where I usually got an A or sometimes an A+).  Funny thing is when I went on to the university, I had to take basic freshman year composition, and got accused by the graduate student teaching the class of having a ghost writer:  he said it was just too slick, even trite.  I was hurt, but in a way proud.  Through the first 30 years of my engineering career I continued to author technical articles, and dabbled in beginning a few books that I just could not follow through on for lack of time, plus having other life “distractions,” such as my wife passing away.  Last year I retired from that career, and am happy to rest on my laurels.  However, a retiree must stay mentally active, so I once again took up writing; hence, this blog, and writing books.

So, if you are interested, go check out my books on Amazon, and I do hope you try one or two.  They never will be “best sellers” and that was never my intent.  My joy is putting out into the universe my stories, and the wind will carry them here and there over time, perhaps imparting a bit of wisdom that may change a life or two.

By the way, I found the header photograph of some old guy and just thought he would make a good lead in.  Does look a little like me though.

Have a splendid day!

Which are you?

Some fifty years ago a white teacher in the Midwest concocted an experiment which she proceeded to conduct in her elementary school class.  The brown eyed, blue eyed exercise.

Here is a link about her, and one may find many videos about her on You Tube:

As she says, as so-many sages have said over all time, there is only one race, the human race.  I prefer to say, “the hue-mon race.”

She unlocked the secret to exposing racism for what it is, as her shirt says in this video, “an emotional commitment to ignorance.”  However, her method, as pure and hard as it is, is challenged in shattering the prejudices that have been around for hundreds of years, rendering many whites (and I would add, “Asians”) virtually incapable of recognizing truths about what Blacks endure daily in America.  Prejudices robbing Whites of the ability to fulfill their own human destiny to be whole persons, forming thick scabs over eyes and hearts, totally blocking their innate filter of reason.

Jane’s mission in like is to expose whites to what it might feel like to live as a black person in America, and undoubtedly she has opened the eyes of many, yet many are so infected they cannot even begin to see their own sickness.

This is the root cause of the crisis and dilemma that exist in America today.  Most white Americans fall somewhere on the scale, at one end of which is downright evil racism, and the other end being just ignorance about what prejudice really is.  We see what the those stricken with evil are capable of, and do not expect them to be changed.  However, the average white person can change, but most often resist because they (we) cannot accept nor acknowledge the behaviors they exhibit that directly or indirectly have a negative affectation or consequence for Blacks.

As a small example of unthoughtful behavior a white person might be guilty of doing, is wanting to reach out and touch a black person’s hair – say a Black wearing “dread locks.”  This happens all the time, probably multiple times a day actually, often with the White not even asking first if they can feel the Black’s hair.  Moreover, a similar question might be, “Is that all your hair?”  Now probably many, if not most, Whites will feel there is nothing wrong with this behavior, because they live in a world of cognitive dominance!  They cannot even understand how the Black person may feel, but likely would feel offended if a Black person standing behind them started feeling on their hair.  Think about it.

We Whites also are very often so guilty of trying to render any assertion of prejudice by using the old argument of “equivalency.”  “Oh, well I am just as discriminated as you Ms. Black Lady feel, because the way I dress often causes others to look at me funny.”  Well, Ms. White Lady, you do have the option if you choose to dress differently.  Ms. Black Lady cannot change her “black.”

So I hope more Whites in America will began to wake up to the fact that the world in these United States is NOT all White.  Look into the other person’s eyes – see God in them is the same God in you.

Trump’s Human Shield

Forgive me for breaking my vow of not using “his” name, as I had committed to using BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude).  Today though I wanted there to be no doubt about what my headline is about:  the President of the United States of America using Hispanics as a human shield to protect him from what really is inevitable, his conviction as a super criminal.

BMT will do anything to win the next election, not to facilitate any program for “making America great again,” rather to assure he stays in office, thereby delaying indictment on multiple offenses due to time elapsed since he committed certain crimes.  He knows that he faces criminal charges and probably the collapse of his empire built of Joker cards if a Democrat wins in 2020.

Backing up BMT is of course Moscow Mitch (I like Massacre Mitch better), who, along with other sorry ass human beings, aka Republican Senators (no all, but most) who only care about maintaining their office in a cushy situation in D.C., who could care less about any people of color, and Hispanics make a handy scapegoat based on the false logic and lies that BMT has promulgated the last three years.

So, it really doesn’t matter how many more brown lives are lost in the minds of these people, so long as their NRA/ scared white men back home get what they wave their guns about.

Most of our Presidents have been racists.  But I never thought I would live to see one who hides behind people of color to protect themselves.  BMT is no better – no he is worse – than Islamic terrorists, who have used innocent civilians to shield them.  The fact that he is our President amplifies this atrocity exponentially.  How many more will die as a result of his cowardice?

America The NOT So Beautiful.

Our flag has always inspired me, and even today, knowing what I know, I look to it for the incipient Dream it represents, the Potential yet to be realized.  In my mind America is Not beautiful, but I do believe one day it will be.  At the same time I feel it may take another 200 years, in the absence of some divine event occurring.

I served my Country as an Air Force officer, honorably discharged.  When I was 4 years old I would stand in the picture show (theater) aisle next to my parents, stand at attention wearing my little military side cap, and salute the Flag and the Anthem that accompanied the screening of the latest B&W film from the Korean war front.  I was very cute.  So, just saying I had an early indoctrination about our Flag.  However, over the decades since my service in the military, I have learned more and more about America, its history, its real values that drove its expansion, and after some time it was clearly revealed to me that America is truly a conundrum.

The real America is not taught to our children, not is it taught to new arrivals on our shores.  We still feed both a plate of lies, disguised as part of the American food pyramid.  For examples, they aren’t taught about the internment of Japanese Americans, Wounded Knee, Emmett Till or how the KKK ran some of the major Southern cities like Dallas back in the 1920’s; nor about the over 200 “race riots’ (a termed coined by white newspapers, for whites terrorizing blacks); nor, also the history of our military expansions and covert activities all over the world; and how America’s big shot CEO’s and greedy politicians created the conditions in Central America that today cause tens of thousands to flee for asylum.  They aren’t taught that most of our presidents – including the GOP’s sweetheart Ronald – were fucking racists, or were willing to bend to racists.  No, today many ignorant (and mostly white) Americans are content to sit on Sundays watching Black athletes, the same ones they would not feel comfortable with at their dining table.  Only when we begin to teach the truths of our history and our present condition, will America change.  Pending that happening, it is up to each of us who has some degree of awareness of the truths, to teach others.

America The Beautiful will not shine until we remove ALL the vestiges of our sordid history from those things that are supposed to be associated with the Beautiful; to wit, we need to replace all the old white men on our money…..all of whom were slave owners or men of the worst kind, such as Andrew Jackson; get rid of all the Confederate statues….move them to museums; and, lastly, but to me most important, replace the Star Spangled Banner with a song that all can rally around…..all who understand the line in the 3rd stanza pertaining to “hired men and slaves” who were fighting on the British side hoping to win their freedom.  White people accept all these overt representations of our history as something to cherish.  Can most Whites even imagine what it would be like if the situation was reversed, with all the figures of history being Black men who had enslaved Whites, and have to see that every time you count your cash?

Ok, that’s just for starters.  Most of all in the present, we must assure that BMT (Bottomless Moral Turpitude……that which occupies the Oval Office) does not win another term.  And, this very day, we need to hear BMT apologize for ALL the racist comments and speeches he has been making since before he was elected.  Only by him doing that will many of the sickos that follow him with their AR-15’s begin to crawl back into their dark holes.  Mr. BMT, we are watching and waiting.