Looking at NOTHING; & Thoughts of God

So what would we have if we could suck everything out of a space?  Well, physicists tell us we still have something, essentially a multi-dimensional web that is constantly “undulating” at speeds we can only address with exponents.  Watch this video:

This ‘stuff’ came about from the Big Bang:


I will just close with stating that I think that God, as “we” call the Creator, is “merely” that set of information rules and data that constitutes one or more other fields that was dispersed during the Big Bang.  We humans believe that there always has to be “one thing” that created “the beginning,” but that is I believe, just a feature of how we perceive what is truly infinity. I do not see the need for a beginning (something preceded the Big Bang singulariy of course, but that could as speculated is just the flip side of a black hole in another universe.  I think we need to stop fretting over God, starting wars about God, and just live fruitful lives.  The rules tell us that we do better living good lives full of love and helping others, than a life of selfishness and “sin.”

Then we have to inquire about consciousness.  Human consciousness.  Animal and plant consciousness.  Buddha let us know that “all is Mind.”  This concept is taught via the Heart Sutra, with a mantra in part that goes, “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form….”

Emptiness in this use is to be interpreted as “absence of INHERENT existence,” meaning everything, literally, does not exist without everything else in the physical universe or consciousness.  This metaphysical teaching is just another way of saying that our human consciousness, and that of all other animals and plants to the extent their consciousness is manifest, is just part of the universal consciousness, or “Mind.”

Here is another talk:

So I hope you can kick back and watch these at your leisure, enjoy!

I Keep Waiting for at Least One Dem Candidate to Take a Knee

Francis Scott Key, handsome and very wealthy dude, creator of our National Anthem, slave owner.  Interesting how no one ever sings The Star Spangled Banner in its entirety.  Here is the 3rd Verse:

No refuge could save the hireling & slave/

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:/

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave/

Written in the War of 1812, when the United States was decades from the Emacipation Proclamation, some would argue semantics, that Key did not really refer to the real slaves.  Horse shit.  Such arguments are akin to “slaves were happy during the Middle Passage, and danced on deck gleefully.”  Time and time again in our history, written by white Americans, we see this bias, trying to explain away or rationalize our sorry racist past and present.  Enough!

So Joe, or Bern, or hell, one of you, please take a damn knee!

The Hero Lit The Match Starting America’s Civil War: JOHN BROWN

To the slave owners, he was a terrorist.  To his friends such as Harriett Tubman, he was a brave man.  History has both considered him a martyr and insane.  Daring men and women who put their lives on the line to change the course of the river of history need to be a bit mentally disturbed.  His life has been written about extensively, including books by the great African American scholar W.E. Du Bois.

Had not Brown taken up weapons and attempted to start a violent overthrow of slavery, one can only speculate how much longer slavery would existed.  Obviously enslaved Africans were not going to go on in that condition forever, so no doubt eventually, with or without the help of abolitionists, they would have risen up to slay all the white slave owners and plantation overseers, and their families.  So the days of the old South were numbered, if only God knew the last days.

In 1859 John Brown had gathered men to his cause, and they attacked the armory at Harper’s Ferry.  While he succeeded, in the end he lost this battle, as he was captured along with a number of his men.  Tried and convicted, he and the men were hung.


But John won the Civil War to which he helped give the incipient momentum.

Vitor Hugo wrote, before the execution:

Politically speaking, the murder of John Brown would be an uncorrectable sin. It would create in the Union a latent fissure that would in the long run dislocate it. Brown’s agony might perhaps consolidate slavery in Virginia, but it would certainly shake the whole American democracy. You save your shame, but you kill your glory. Morally speaking, it seems a part of the human light would put itself out, that the very notion of justice and injustice would hide itself in darkness, on that day where one would see the assassination of Emancipation by Liberty itself. …

Let America know and ponder on this: there is something more frightening than Cain killing Abel, and that is Washington killing Spartacus

What Scares White Cops?

Well, the straightforward #1 answer is:  dealing with Black men.

But now comes #2:  being in a black neighborhood at night.

Imagine this scene in your mind……

It is a nice, cooler autumn night, a welcome change from the overly warm fall days recently.  You are up that night, playing video games with your nephew, in your mother’s home.  Your mother is in the hospital, and so is your sister, the mother of the boy who is beating you on the game.  You have opened the front door to catch some cool breeze through the older house.  It is about 2:30 in the morning, when the boy and you notice a light outside the house, and hear some noise.  You go to peep through the window.  You hear a man’s voice shout “raise your hands.”  Before you can even process this command, you then feel something you never, ever have felt before.  It is the bullet that has just taken your life.

“You” are Ms. Atatiana Jefferson, 28 years old, highly respected by family and the community.  Ms. Jefferson was shot dead by a Fort Worth cop (who never said “this is the police” when he commanded this “threat” to raise hands, then immediately shooting her dead) early this past Saturday morning.  He was a rookie member of a SWAT team sent out to the address, in response to a 311 call.  311, not 911 mind you.  A neighbor across the street had called 311 asking for a wellness check when he saw the door open that night, knowing the resident had been in and out of the hospital.  Now he blames himself, for that good citizen call resulted in this beautiful young lady’s life being taken ……

……for no other reason than FEAR this cop had, because he was in an older inner city, black neighborhood, did he kill Atatiana.

The story is all over the internet if the reader wishes to learn more.

But my post is really about this FEAR that white people, manifesting often violently in white cops, that continues to result in the deaths of black citizens.  It has been clear for decades that there exist in the mass mind of white America a psychosis of FEAR triggered by even the thought of confronting black men, but it extends as we have seen to the FEAR of black boys and black women. Time and time again we see this played out, and time and time again we see police departments hedge, make excuses and protect the Blue regardless of the situation or circumstances or who wearing the badge was involved.  Police are routinely protected by collusion between the PD and the DA, and time and again grand juries (if the case gets even that far) no-bill the defendant cop(s).

White America needs to wake up to the facts, and stop reading blogs and right wing news that attempt to rationalize the systemic racism of police around the Country.

I am in my 70’s, White and have lived in the inner cities of Texas for all my adult life.  I have never had any fear of living in predominantly black/brown areas.

So what I surmise is that white cops have a FEAR of the unknown, and the primary reason Blacks and black neighborhoods are “Unknowns” is because the Whiteness and Racism of the cops creates a false narrative “black unknown” in their minds, predisposing many to react irrationally and go for their guns first.

This particular case, as so many other have, has many questions surrounding it, which deserve a thorough investigation by other than the FWPD, as her family is now demanding.  Why was a SWAT team dispatched?  Why did the team members not just go up to the front door and knock and say “Fort Worth PD. Please come to the door.”  Oh, were afraid of being ambushed right?  This is not an ambush scenario at all.  They had FEAR, were programmed and ill trained to deal with other than the usual SWAT type calls, which impugns the FWPD management and policies in toto. 

But why did this cop shoot the Atatiana?  Oh, he saw somebody inside behind the window curtains, and decided to just shoot.  Out of FEAR.  After all, this was “the hood,” in his mind.

America must change.  See my post, “Change Gonna Come.”

(UPDATE:  The FWPD cop that killed Ms. Jefferson resigned; stay tuned to the story on line for developments.)(UPDATED:  COP ARRESTED, JAILED!)

How I Feel Today

Funny how doggies, cats and well, many of the animal kingdom have features or expressions that we can identify with….or even other people will say “wow, she or he kind of looks like his dog!”  To me this just is a simple example of how the mind creates reality.

Today this is how I feel,


An older guy, wears glasses, a little down in the mouth at staring in dejected wonder at how America is once again taking a dump on the world.  Dumps we never clean up.

And all I can do is just watch, wait with patience and write this dumb blog.  Oh well.

Change Gonna Come!

As we look toward the coming week, the soul sustenance all good folks need is to have faith in the timelessly proven adage, “a change is going to come.”  Nothing in this universe, no phenomenon, even what so many call God, is inherently unchanging.

Our mission this week, as the last and all those ahead, is to put our prayers and shoulders into adding to the slow momentum that carries morality arching toward the positive.  If all good people push at the same time, it does make a difference!

So today let us gather our wisdom, organize our spiritual energy, and recommit to affecting positive change ahead.

All that is happening as a result of those who are ignorant, those who hate, and those who are confused, will move on down the river, albeit slowly, and will be dissolved in the mighty sea.  There is only one ocean, and there is only one humanity.

Best we all began to learn that.

I leave you with Sam Cooke’s immortal song,


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