Strange bedfellows indeed.

I don’t really know why I am writing about the attack on the World Trade Center (9-11) today, but I think it has something to do subconsciously with “the President’s” continued cozying with the Saudi government, actually the heads of the royal family, in denying the direct responsibility of MBS in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi,  the well-respected Saudi citizen Washington Post journalist and US resident, not to mention the continued atrocities committed by Saudi in Yemen –  slaughters and starvation of civilians, women, children and non-combatants, all with the blessing and covert support of the US.  And now “the President” seeks to circumvent law once again to sell the Saudi’s even more weapons.  Of course all this is just another chapter in the Great American Military Industrial Complex saga, that a real Amerian President and hero by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about.

So with that introduction, I want to vent about an aspect of the story of the terrorists pilots of the four airliners involved that day.  All official investigation and commission conclusions speak of the training the pilots received in small aircraft and simulators, and moreover how generally all of these “students” were in catching on to how to really fly and control even a small airplane.  All of this information is of course readily available on the web, so I need not go into details.  However, the issue I take with the official conclusions, which I have firmly believed from Day 1, is that these students were faking their lack of knowledge about flying in general, essentially just acting as part of a cover.  It is my solid belief that these pilots were in fact already trained and experienced in large commercial (even military) jets.  I am not the only one who believes this, and there is good reason based on just pure logic and experience that informs it would be nearly impossible for “pilots” of the caliber of the terrorists to have been able to control these planes and get them back into a correct position in 3-dimensions for a head-on approach to both towers and the Pentagon.  That the official version does not even address this is no less than appalling in my mind, and many others.  Hitting the towers exactly where they did would be like threading a needle for anyone but an experienced large aircraft pilot, or in the very least, one who had trained in simulators equivalent to the aircraft used.  I am myself a licensed pilot (single-engine VFR), and went through about half of the USAF UPT (undergraduate pilot training) program when I was fresh out of college decades ago.  I can say that even when I was at my best, to find myself at the controls of such an airliner, without an experienced pilot talking to me through it, I SERIROUSLY doubt my own ability to have gotten anywhere close to the point they did to make the final lurch directly into the buildings.  Then, what about the hit on the Pentagon, my god, that was not luck, that was skill of a high order!  And, it is likely on the brave souls on the fourth plane saved the White House itself that day.

So you can say, well, this is just another conspiracy theory, the US and Saudis maintaining their relationship “in spite of all.”  And you would be right.  It is a conspiracy, to not even acknowledge for the record the possibility of these terrorists being trained assassins, trained somewhere (maybe in Russia?) and paid for by someone very high up in the Kingdom.  But fortunately, we had Bush and his neo-cons at the helm, so the knee-jerk reaction was to strike out as we did, distracting and avoid any jeopardy to our “love oil” affair with Saudi Arabia.

And the story just goes on and on now, as unwitting Americans just let “the President” and his henchmen continue that sad relationship with the backward country of Saudi Arabia.  What is next, oh, a war with Iran? More weapons to sell, well ok that’s fine right?  WTC…….WTF……..we don’t care, it keeps a lot of Americans employed.